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The College of Management Academic Studies (COLMAN) welcomes you to come and take part in the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit on campus through the variety of programs, research, and academic centers open to international students and faculty.

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Experience Israel’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirt through hands-on interdisciplinary learning at COLMAN.
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International experiences for COLMAN students

If you are a student at COLMAN looking for ways to have an international experience during your studies, you’ve come to the right place!
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Learn more about spending time on the COLMAN campus and about collaboration with leading faculty in one of our 9 schools.

Resources for COLMAN faculty

In service of the international mission of the college, COLMAN International promotes engagement of our faculty in global projects and exchanges.

Internationalization at home: WILLIAM EU funded initiative

WILLIAM is a three-year Erasmus+ Capacity Building Initiative for Internationalization at Home led by COLMAN’s International Academic Affairs Unit.
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Institutional partnership with COLMAN

Global engagement is of high priority for our institution. We invite you to explore with us potential research collaborations and exchange opportunities.

COLMAN International

Creating a global and intercultural climate on campus that serves both local and international students, for the benefit of their personal enrichment and to prepare them for an increasingly interconnected global work environment.

Fostering international collaboration in research, teaching, and connections with industries around the world to advance shared goals in service of academic excellence.