Incoming Student Admissions

Interested in studying at COLMAN for the semester?


Exchange Program

In order to apply to COLMAN for the semester exchange program, you must be from an institution with which COLMAN has a partnership agreement. The partner institution must nominate you for the exchange. If accepted to the program, you will be able to enjoy a tuition free semester at COLMAN. Room, board, and all travel expenses are the responsibility of the student. 

Visiting Students Program

If you belong to an institution which does not have a partnership agreement with COLMAN, you can apply for a semester as a visiting student.  You will be able to enroll in the courses offered in English and have access to all facilities at the college. Tuition for the semester is $8,000.

Application process

For the exchange program, you can begin filling out the application after you receive confirmation from the partner institution regarding nomination to study abroad at COLMAN. 

For the visiting students program, please be in touch with the Office of International Academic Affairs at COLMAN before filling out the application. 

Included in the application, students must upload: Transcript of records, Letter of motivation, photo.

Proof of English Proficiency

If English is not your native language, you must prove English proficiency in one of the following ways: minimum of 80 on the TOEFL or verification from your home institution of B2 level according to CEFR standards, or equivalent.


April 15th: Nomination from student’s home institution for fall semester

May 15th: Student’s application for fall semester due

November 15th: Nomination from student’s home institution for spring semester

December 15: Students’ application for spring semester due


International students can select courses from across the 9 schools at COLMAN.

While students are not restricted by area of study, some courses require relevant prerequisites in order to register. Students should see the Course Offerings Listing on this website for the most updated courses and consult with their home institution to ensure relevant transfer of credits. 

At COLMAN, the length of the semester is 13 weeks and three additional weeks are devoted to examinations. 

Courses during the semester are worth between 2-4 credits. Generally, a course of 2 credits meets once or twice a week for a total of three hours a week. 

Grading Key:

A+ = 97-100%

A = 93-96%

A– = 90-92%

B+ = 87-89%

B = 83-86%

B- = 80-82%

C+ = 77-79%

C = 73-76%

C- = 70-72%

D+ = 67-69%

D = 63-66%

D- = 60-62%

F   = 59% & below


October 27, 2022: International Orientation Day

October 29, 2022: Official start of Fall semester

October 30, 2022 – January 27, 2023: Fall semester

January 29 – March 17, 2023: Exam Period

Holidays in Fall Semester

December 18 – December 26, 2022: Hanukah – Regular schedule

December 25, 2022: Christmas – No classes for international students

December 31, 2022 – January 1, 2023: New Years – Regular schedule

March 6, 2023: Fast of Esther – Campus closed after 14:00

March 7, 2023: Purim – Campus closed


Withdrawal from Courses

Students can withdraw from a course within the first two weeks without it appearing on their official transcripts. After the two week deadline, the course will appear on the official transcript as “withdraw”. 

International students must inform the Office of International Academic Affairs by email should they choose to withdraw from a course.

Grade Appeal

Students have the right to appeal a grade for an assignment or exam within two weeks from the day the grade was made available. In addition, students have the right to appeal a final course grade within two weeks from the day the course grade was made available. After the two week window, all grades are final.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the foundation of ethical academic practice and is central to this institution. As such, the college faculty and administration will not tolerate cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, dishonesty, falsification of documents or any other act which could compromise academic integrity.

Incomplete Courses

Students who do not complete required course assignments and/or exams will receive an incomplete status on their transcript. If a student would like to change the incomplete status for a grade after the completion of the course, it is his/her responsibility to communicate the reason for the lack of submission both to the course professor and to the Office of International Academic Affairs. It is at the discretion of the professor to allow the student to complete the late material and to decide under what conditions (e.g. late penalty, alteration of assignment, new deadline). 

The request to complete assignments for an incomplete course must be made to both the course professor and to the Office of International Academic Affairs. The requests must be made in writing by email, within two weeks of the end of the course.