Creative Thinking: A Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Course Description

Based on 17 years of research, mentoring, instruction in academia and working with the leading firms in Israel, this course offers a comprehensive toolbox of theory, practice, creativity, and innovation. The program teaches participants the tools, techniques, attitudes, and behaviors that are critical to creative and problem-solving teamwork. It also teaches the participants to be passionate for their work, to identify opportunities, to improve teamwork, to generate new value, and to strengthen the proposed solutions. Using creativity and creating creative fluency to emerge from difficult and constrained creative conditions. This program offers students a creative toolbox that can change the way they think and take decisions and has proven to be successful and some even say “a game changer”.

Syllabus Overview

The duration of the course is 5 full days and 1 half day (45 hours total). Each day focuses on a different topic:

Day 1: Introduction to Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Automatic Drawing technique. “Digital” case study. Analytical tools for defining a need

Day 2: Guided Imaginary and automatic writing. Ideation methodologies

Day 3: 5 Creative and design thinking. Study cases of “Whirlpool” and “Walmart”

Day 4: Blue Ocean Strategy and Value proposition. Study case “Michelin” and “Yellow tale”

Day 5: Fund raising, VC’s Business Plan. Value MATRIX

Day 6: Tour of the Israeli industry


Students will gain the skills and theoretical knowledge to stay competitive in today’s work environment in which understanding the ecosystem of creativity at multiple levels is critical. Through this course, students will gain tools, techniques, attitudes, and behaviors that are critical to creative and problem-solving teamwork. Through the various teaching methods employed, students will enhance their creative toolbox necessary as an entrepreneur and strengthen their skills as innovative managers and leaders.

Teaching Faculty

Dean – School of Design and Innovation

Guest lecturers

Eyal Shavit

Eyal Shavit is an accountant (Tel Aviv University) an experienced CFO, entrepreneur, director in public and private companies and financing expert. Track record of building strategies and implementing profitable growth, Expert in developing & revitalizing businesses, financing businesses and capital raising. He is a mentor in the MA accelerator at the school of design and innovation. 

Tal Freiman

Tal holds a master’s degree in Economics & Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a BA from the Tel Aviv University. Between 1996-1998 he was a project manager at POC – one of the leading strategic planning firms in Israel. Between 1999-2005 he worked in Partner LTD. His last position was Strategic Department Manager. In 2005 Tal founded his own Strategic Planning Business and started consulting to some of the leading firms in the Israeli market, among them Mrs. Raya Strauss Bendror in the social philanthropic field in Israel. Tal lectures courses on Strategy in the MA program in the school of Design and Innovation. 

More information

Contact the Office for International Academic Affairs for more information about the program and registration for the next session. Courses are offered both on a regular basis for individual registration and tailor made in collaboration with the requesting organization/institution.